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If you are passionate about Open Source, Antmicro is an ideal place to pursue your interests. We believe that science, especially computer science, should be open and accessible for everyone. We focus on ambitious and smart projects that make use of and contribute to open standards to create scalable and reproducible solutions. Open source gives developers and tech enthusiasts unrestricted access to a wide range of useful tools and provides a platform for collaborative and seamless work. We support students and young scientists who share our passion for open source technologies.


Antmicro cares about the environment. We try to minimise the use of paper by relying mainly on cloud storage services and we follow the recycling policy. All of our workspaces are equipped with regular mugs, glasses, dishes and cutlery, as we avoid using disposables. Located conveniently in the city center, our offices are easily accessible by public transportation, bike or foot. Our locations pass the BREEAM evaluations, some of them being LEED-certified. This means the buildings we choose to house our offices are selected specifically to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

Diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are integral aspects of Antmicro’s culture, which prioritises respect for people's uniqueness.

We value diverse perspectives, attitudes and ideas as an important element of a mature, accepting, yet relaxed work environment. At Antmicro you are welcome as your true self.

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