University outreach

In pursuit of talent we establish and maintain cooperation with leading technical universities, such as those in Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Lodz.

We have set up various internship programs as well as co-designed and sponsored university courses which give its graduates skills that respond to the staffing needs of high-tech companies.

Student organizations

Apart from official university institutions, we also work with various student organizations to facilitate knowledge-sharing and to familiarize the community of young tech enthusiasts with the scope of Antmicro’s projects.

We are continuously broadening the range of our university-based activities so stay tuned for more exciting news regarding projects aimed at people who see their future in advanced technology.

Antmicro Day

“Antmicro Day” is a series of interdisciplinary meetings for students of technology-related fields, such as Electronics, Computer Science and Management, and Fundamental Problems of Technology, where Antmicro staff presents the areas of the company’s operation and interest to a broader audience, and talks about the latest technologies, solutions and platforms in the world of embedded systems. The technical part of the meeting is always followed by a less formal dinner which gives the participants an opportunity to get to know us better.

The Edge Computing specialty is a direct response to the needs of the Edge computing industry. Antmicro, together with leading players of the global IT sector, has been overlooking the creation of the course’s syllabus which is meant to focus on the topics vital in the Edge computing area, including: architectures of embedded systems, computer vision, the fundamentals of deep neural networks, edge computing in vision applications, etc. To further support the specialty, Antmicro has also funded the hardware needed to conduct classes, which will be available to course participants. Furthermore, Antmicro’s engineers carry out lectures on “Linux device drivers programming” to present practical use cases.

Antmicro regularly organizes presentations and seminars aimed at students and academics, such as the series of Edge-centered talks for students of Poznan University of Technology, or lectures concerning open-source solutions for student associations at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

They usually include a series of lightning talks and success stories, followed by an afterparty where students can discuss their potential internship, open source projects, BSc/MSc thesis, first job application, etc. with our interns and engineers, and find out what it takes to start contributing to world-class open source projects such as RISC-V, Renode, Zephyr, ROS 2, TensorFlow, Linux or Android.

Selected papers published by Antmicro’s staff in cooperation with university institutions

Research is an important part of Antmicro’s activity. Not only does it allow us to come up with innovative ideas and transform them into useful solutions, but also promotes an analytical and scientific approach within the company. With academic background and a natural drive for technological innovation, our staff have been involved in a number of academic papers published in cooperation with university institutions. Here are some selected publications authored by our engineers:

Symbiflow & VPR: An Open-Source Design Flow for Commercial and Novel FPGAs

K. E. Murray, T. Ansell, K. Rothman, A. Comodi, M. Elgammal, V. Betz
IEEE Micro 2020

Gap effect and express saccades generation in amblyopia

M. Perdziak, W. Gryncewicz, D. Witkowska, P. Sawosz, J. Ober
Journal of Vision, No. 4/2019

Development of the deterministic and stochastic Markovian model of a dendritic neuron

A. Swietlicka, K. Gugala, W. Pedrycz, A. Rybarczyk
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, No. 37/2017

Fast Depth Estimation on Mobile Platforms and FPGA Devices

M. Domanski, J. Konieczny, M. Kurc, A. Luczak, J. Siast, O. Stankiewicz, K. Wegner
3DTV Conference 2015

SI-Studio, a layout generator of current mode circuits

A. Handkiewicz, S. Szczesny, M. Naumowicz, P. Katarzynski, M. Melosik, P. Sniatała, M. Kropidlowski
Expert Systems with Applications, No. 42/2015

  • Poznan Open Source Software Party

    One of the largest conferences in Poland bringing the open source software community together - which we have been sponsoring and participating in for many years.

  • Linux Session

    An annual event at which we have given talks about the importance of edge AI and open technologies driving the development of deep and machine learning.

  • RISC-V Workshop at ETH Zurich

    An event hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which focuses on the current and prospective projects and implementations that drive the evolution of the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

  • Week of Open Source Hardware at ETH Zurich

    which gives free and open source silicon enthusiasts the chance to gather and discuss the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture.

  • ORCONF at CERN/Bologne/etc

    An annual conference for open source digital, semiconductor and embedded systems designers, users and students. Each year attendees get a unique opportunity to see presentations from all corners of the open source hardware realm.

  • Latch-up

    A conference dedicated to free and open source silicon traditionally held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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