WUST Team Projects 2021

March 02, 2021

For the second time in a row Antmicro decided to join Team Projects - a course organized by Wroclaw University of Science and Technology for students of Electronics - making it a consistent point on our list of university outreach projects. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the course, its main idea is to help students launch extensive projects that would be practical, usable and interesting from the perspective of the companies cooperating with the University. The groups taking part in it usually consist of four or five students whose progress is overseen by a company representative.

This year Antmicro came up with the following projects:

Improving networking capabilities in Renode - open source simulation framework The main idea of the project is to identify protocols and their implementations that can benefit Renode users with improved and simplified networking capabilities and to implement support for servers such as: DHCP, ICMP, HTTP, NTP, etc. Renode (an open source development framework for embedded systems) allows its users to emulate complicated multi-node environments. It also makes it possible to debug and test unmodified embedded software on your PC - from bare System-on-Chips, through complete devices to multi-node systems.

Open source raw image data previewer Users and high-level developers often take the feed from their cameras for granted. But to make that possible somebody had to design the camera, implement the firmware for the sensors and write proper drivers. This part is challenging on many levels. Work on this often involves dealing with raw data from the cameras where the format of the image is often malformed at the early development stages.The purpose of this project is to improve that process by preparing an open source application that could help developers identify and analyze the image data. The participants of the project will focus primarily on:

  • implementing the previewer for the mostly used RGB formats, make it abstract so adding new RGB formats is simple
  • adding an option to preview common YUV formats
  • adding a CLI util to automatically convert the raw data to a higher-level format (e.g. png)

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