Back-end Engineer recruitment open

May 22, 2021

Antmicro's cloud & infrastructure team is currently looking for a Back-End Engineers to maximize their efforts in our offices in Poznan and Wroclaw. The primary responsibility in that position is to help build the underlying open source technology stack & infrastructure behind our organizations back-end systems. In order to do so the candidates will be expected to demonstrate relevant experience in designing back-end architectures and solutions which, in turn, involves experience with APIs and proficiency in various programming languages.

The efforts of Antmicro’s cloud & infrastructure team members are focused on designing and implementing critical back-end components that provide the bedrock for our infrastructure's reliability and scalability. They build and maintain services, debug on multiple levels of the stack. Their code powers the everyday operations of the company which is why the position is critically important to our organization.

For more details regarding the position please check our posting.

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