Antmicro initiated cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology

April 17, 2024

We have extended our university outreach program and initiated cooperation with the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Now that the Gothenburg office is up and running it is only natural to offer the internship opportunities to students in Sweden.

The first ones to participate will be the students of master’s courses, as we have decided to enter the program of degree projects. The main goal of the program is to present students with a clear link between theory and practice, to introduce them to the latest trends in various industries and finally to offer them a much easier transition to working life.

The two first projects we have published are meant meant for students specialising in the field of computer engineering and programing:

The former project focuses on expanding Renode, Antmicro's open-source simulation framework for embedded systems, with the capability of running on non-arm64 host computers. The goal of the latter is to design and implement a benchmarking tool that automates the process of optimising applications with particular focus on measuring the impact of introduced changes to the codebase on the application’s performance. Both projects are available at the University’s thesis portal. The published information includes the main and secondary scope of each project as well as requirements and the description of how to apply.

Further details of our cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology are soon to follow.

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