Kenning framework presented at GHOST Day

March 02, 2022

We have some good news for all machine learning and artificial intelligence enthusiasts. For the third time in a row we will be taking part in Ghost Day at the Poznan University of Technology as both a speaker and a sponsor.

Ghost Day is an applied machine learning student conference organized by the members of the GHOST student association at Poznan University and Technology. The conference is not focused on any specific programming language or technology, but rather on various AI/ML techniques, methods, and algorithms.

This year Antmicro will be represented by Engineering Manager Karol Gugala. Karol will give a presentation on ‘Accelerating AI processing on the edge’. In his talk Karol will introduce Kenning - an open source framework from Antmicro that mitigates the compatibility issues between different edge devices from various vendors. Additionally, the presentation will cover the challenges of deploying AI algorithms on resource constrained devices. To learn more about the presentation visit the conference’s website.

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