Linux Drivers course by Antmicro at the University of Wroclaw

March 10, 2021

The most recent point on our university outreach projects list is the course of Linux device drivers programming at the University of Wroclaw, run by Antmicro engineers and overseen by Krystian Baclawski, senior lecturer at the Division of Software Engineering. The course has been designed for Computer science students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and is aimed at teaching students how to implement drivers in Linux, effectively debug problems in Linux and to implement driver testing applications.

The course consists of seven meetings designed to cover the following topics:

  • General kernel structure, focusing on device drivers
  • Building, running and debugging device drivers (builtin and modules)
  • Running the kernel on hardware (real and emulated)
  • Understanding the relation between underlying hardware and device driver
    • Memory model
    • Interrupts
    • System buses
  • Linux boot process
  • Linux device drivers development including
    • Character device drivers
    • I2C, SPI devices drivers
    • Industrial I/O subsystem
  • Kernel <-> userspace communication
    • ioctls (syscalls in general)
    • sysfs
    • dev nodes

We have no good news for those who wish to sign in, as the entire group reached its limit within a couple of days. Hopefully it will be available next year so stay tuned for more details.

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