Antmicro at PUT Absolvent's Day

June 09, 2022

PUT Absolvent's Day is a new event for the graduates of technical universities in the region of Greater Poland. This year, on June 21, almost 50 exhibitors will be present at the Lecture Center of the Poznan University of Technology. We are happy to inform you that Antmicro will be there as well!

Have you graduated? Great, check out our job offers. Still a student? We have internship opportunities for you! Additionally, during the event we will be presenting a demo of a real-time object detection on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier using the YOLOv4 algorithm. In our developments we aim towards creating tailored and reproducible solutions for edge devices, hence the system running on the device is designed and built using Yocto system development project in the Continuous Integration manner. To get the true real-time experience, the model is accelerated using CUDA and Tensor Cores, and the results are visualised using OpenGL acceleration and ImGui.

You can check out the setup in our meta-antmicro repository.

As it is one of the newest object detection models, we highly encourage you to visit our booth. We will be more than happy to have a chance to speak with you.

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