Open Source Rust Engineer positions in Poznan and Wroclaw

December 07, 2020

We have good news for all open source enthusiasts eager to work on the latest technologies. Antmicro’s Renode team is on the lookout for open source Rust engineers. For those of you who have a solid experience with Rust, C and a strong understanding of LLVM, assembly and Linux, please check out this offer and apply to our offices in Poznan or Wroclaw.

Renode is Antmicro's open source simulation framework for hardware and software co-development. Providing ready-to-use building blocks, it can be used to simulate all hardware levels of a system, from CPU, to SoC, peripherals and board, up to complete devices, complex heterogeneous multi-node systems, as well as the wired and wireless connection between the system components. Renode features extensive RISC-V support and offers CI-driven testing capabilities, enabling developers to design and test their systems deterministically. Used by partners such as Google, Microchip, QuickLogic and in open source projects like Zephyr and TensorFlow Lite Micro.

If you wish to shape the future of open computing systems, join Antmicro's team. Our recruitment process is carried out remotely. You'll find more information in our job posting.

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